following grandma's recipe

Historic success

A long time ago, Maggy Duquesne began making pancakes in Beauvoorde. That was popular, because the Beauvoords Bakhuis grew into a household name: here they bake the best Belgian pancakes. Today, young and old at home and abroad enjoy our artisanal pancakes. The Beauvoords Bakhuis still prepares them with local, natural ingredients and with a lot of love. Baking pancakes, they can do that in Beauvoorde. Maggy Duquesne, Karen Pauwelyn's mother, started the tradition in 1970 She then started selling her pancakes by the kilogram.

Making pancakes on television

The pancakes were so delicious that a television documentary crew paid a visit. Mother Maggy was so nervous that she failed to make perfectly round pancakes on camera.

But the Beauvoords Bakhuis name was certainly established. Customers came in droves. And they found out how tasty our product was.

The only real Beauvoorde pancakes and waffles
In the meanwhile, Karen frequented the pancake bakery. She was the only one that mother Maggy would trust with her pancakes. Other ambitious pancakes makers tried their hand, but to no avail. It is not by chance that Beauvoords Bakhuis pancakes and waffles are a recognised regional product from the Westhoek (Maritime Flanders).

Secret recipe

Happily for lovers of the most delicious pancakes, Beauvoords Bakhuis is still doing it, and better than ever. In 2005, mother Maggy passed her mixing spoon on to her daughter, Karen Pauwelyn. She continued to select only the highest quality ingredients and to make her products using the secret, traditional recipe.

Beauvoords Bakhuis has developed into a hyper-modern business, which is renowned both in Belgium and abroad. Do you know that we now export pancakes to a number of different countries in Europe, and even the United States?

You can only find the traditional pancake flavour at Beauvoords Bakhuis. And people know that all over the World.