Sweet Beauvoorde pancakes

with sugar and butter

Hi, I am round and very tasty. Who am I?

I am the sweet pancake from Beauvoords Bakhuis. I feel really at home on your table, at birthday parties or at your school or organization's pancake party.

Try eating me with a bit of extra sugar, syrup or chocolate sprinkles. Cover me with jam or fruit. Or try me with a scoop of ice cream, a little chocolate or Advocaat. But I will plead, not guilty!

Packaging – also for deepfreeze: 
  • 1 kg (18 pancakes)
  • 500 g (9 pancakes)
  • 335 g (6 pancakes)

Packed in a protective atmosphere.
Shelf life 21 days when refrigerated.
You can store them in a deepfreeze for up to 1 year.
(Tip – write the date on the pack when you put it in the freezer)

Artisan ingredients: 

We make our sweet pancakes with the following ingredients. The quantities remain our secret...