Unsweetened Beauvoorde pancakes

with butter

Do you fancy a pancake but you are a diabetic or want to keep your sugar intake lower? Then I, the unsweetened pancake, am your guardian angel snack or desert.

I am made with butter. Try me for a savoury starter or delicious snack, with prawns, feta and spinach, peppers and bacon, the possibilities are endless.

A savoury filling goes perfectly with an unsweetened pancake like me. Transform me into a delicious filled pancake. Roll me into a wrap or make me into a little bowl. And, if you tell me a joke, I'll double up with laughter!

Packaging – also for deepfreeze: 
  • 1 kg (18 pancakes)
  • 500 g (9 pancakes)
  • 335 g (6 pancakes)

Packed in a protective atmosphere.
Shelf life 21 days when refrigerated.
You can store them in a deepfreeze for up to 1 year.
(Tip – write the date on the pack when you put it in the freezer)

Artisan ingredients: 

These are the ingredients we use for our unsweetened pancakes. The quantities remain our secret...