Organic pancakes from Beauvoorde

multigrain, wheat of wholegrain? Organic has it all!

Hello, lovers of organic foods put me on a green pedestal. How can that be?

I am an organic pancake that is made of 99% organic ingredients. BLIK (a Belgian organic product approval organization) has tasted me and given approval – I have been awarded the organic guarantee certificate.

Did you know that Beauvoords Bakhuis also makes its pancakes in an environmentally-friendly way? Our electricity comes from wind turbines and we recuperate hot water from our cooling system and use it for cleaning.

Why not invite me to your pancake festival in your green school or to events in aid of nature preservation. I can guarantee that I, and my fellow organic pancakes, will provide a super-healthy bite.

Packaging – also for deepfreeze: 
  • 335 g (6 pancakes)

Packed in a protective atmosphere.
Shelf life 21 days when refrigerated.
You can store them in a deepfreeze for up to 1 year.
(Tip – write the date on the pack when you put it in the freezer)

Artisan ingredients: 

We use these ingredients for our organic pancakes. The quantities remain our secret...